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Consumer Group Says China Cell Radiation Levels Unsafe
Yangcheng Evening News
By: Yangcheng Wanbao

On March 9, the China Consumers Association (CCA) issued a "worrisome" warning about Chinese cell phones' electromagnetic radiation and how this might affect the phones' users, the March 10 Yangcheng Wanbao (Yangcheng Evening News) reported.

According to the CCA, tests have found that some cell phones' radiation was as high as 10,000 microwatts per square centimeter (1,550 mw per square inch).

The CCA added that the lowest level of radiation found was 300 mw/cm2 (46.5mw/in2), and that that these doses of electromagnetic radiation already significantly exceed the maximum level established by China's health standards.

China's government does not yet regulate cell phones' intermittent radiation or its effects on users' heads, the newspaper reported.

The newspaper also noted that according to a study by China's Northern Communications University, half of cell phones' electromagnetic radiation is absorbed by the human body and another quarter by the brain. The study additionally found that long-term cell phone users already exhibit dizziness, memory loss, diminished eyesight and red, rash-like spots around their ears.