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Study Links Cell Phones To Cancer
London Daily Mail & Toronto Sun

Cell phones are at the center of a new health scare after Swedish scientists found that millions of users face a far greater risk of developing a brain tumour. In the most alarming research into cell phones and cancer yet, the study concluded that the risk of developing a tumour is almost doubled among users. The researchers examined 1,617 patients aged between 20 and 80 in Sweden who had been diagnosed with a brain tumour between 1997 and 2000.They were then compared to healthy people.Those who used cell phones for less than 10 years faced a 20% higher risk of developing brain cancer but for those who used them for more than a decade the risk was 80% higher.The study also found that tumours were 21/2 times more likely to be on the same side of the head as the phone was held. Another type of tumour, a cancer of the auditory nerve called accoustic neurinoma showed a larger increase--3.5 times greater risk. The study is published in the Journal of Cancer Prevention.