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Mobile Phone Killed My Daughter
The Times
By: John Coles

A distraught mum yesterday blamed the death of her "chatterbox" teenage daughter on radiation from a mobile phone.

  Blonde Samantha Miller,17 spent every spare moment talking to pals and her boyfriend on the handset she bought two years ago. But the beautician began complaining of crippling headaches and a loss of sensation down one side. She was referred to a specialist and finally diagnosed with a brain tumour on the left side of her head --where she had clasped the phone to her ear. Samantha died in hospital last month. Mum Janet said "She was a real chatterbox-very lively and out going and that phone never stopped ringing.But she suddenly started getting headaches and went downhill very quickly. It was heart breaking to watch.I`m convinced she died because she spent so much time on the phone.I have lost a beautiful daughter. it is too late for her but I want others especially children to be aware of the dangers.. Since this has happened our whole family have stopped using mobiles. But everyone seems to have one these days and I don`t want anyone else to die as a result."

  Samantha was struck down with the most severe form of glioblastoma multiforme tumour. She spent her final weeks paralysed in a wheelchair. Her specialist at Yeovil Hospital asked if she had a mobile phone but didn`t speculate on whether it had caused the tumour.

  Medical physicist Dr. Alan Preece has urged more research into the dangers of mobiles after a study he conducted showed cellular radiation DOES affect the brain.