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Cell phones may lead to lower fertility in males
By: Sue Kwon

Guys, the next time your cell phone rings, consider this. It could make you less fertile according to a study by Cleveland Clinic researchers. At the Reproductive Research Center, Dr. Ashok Agarwal and his team observed 350 men undergoing fertility treatment.

"Those men who used a cell phone for more than 4 hours per day had the biggest decrease in properties in sperm especially the count, quality, and quantity of the sperm," Dr. Agarwal said. "They are significantly impaired in these men." He announced the findings in the Fall, and plans to release a full report in a leading fertility journal "Fertility and Sterility" in the coming weeks.

It will explain how cell phones emit an electromagnetic wave when they communicate with the nearest cell tower. Those waves could be heating up tissue in the testicals or altering hormones which impacts sperm production. "It's possible an electromagnetic wave could cause damage to genomic material in the sperm or the DNA, causing damage and cell death," Agarwal said.