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Limit useage of Cell phones

If you must pack a cell phone, treat it like a loaded pistol. Keep it turned off. Don't carry it near ovaries, testicles, or the heart. For partial protection, buy an antenna shield. Limit calls to one-minute, six to 10 minutes a month. Never fire off a cell phone with children anywhere in sight. A better bet is to facilitate the growth of organic telephone networks with lots of fiber. Instead of more microwave towers, we should be wiring up our cities with fiber-optic cables to provide Internet, fax, telephone, radio and television at very high quality, rather than saturating our cities with the microwave, radio wave and low frequency signals all the time. When it comes to cells, consciousness and cell phones, every call is collect. How can convenience count more than cancer? What is gained by being in constant contact with disembodied voices, while being "out of touch" with the friends and neighbors around us? Are we comfortable having our location traced by monitoring authorities? Unless we start voting with our wallets, consumer complacency could prove as species-limiting as corporate cynicism. Microwave frequencies are the same as those used in radar and your microwave oven. You wouldn't think of sticking your head in the microwave oven, but there is no hesitation to putting the cell phone to your ear.

Cell phones are not the only phones to cause concern about health problems. Today's high-frequency cordless phones may emit a level of EM radiation similar to cell phones. For reasons of health and privacy, a growing number of scientists and other experts are dead set against these phones. They say a cancer risk is associated with signals that have a strong wattage and high frequency (short wavelength). First generation cordless phones operate at about 60 megahertz and the next ones ran at 900 megahertz--higher than 835MHz cell phones. The new 2.4 GHz is higher still and can transmit for several kilometers without fading. Microwave ovens operate at 2.45 GHz.