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Human Cells May Be Affected By Mobile-Phone Radiation
Wall Street Journal
By: Gautam Naik

A two year Finnish study suggests that radiation from mobile phone handsets may affect the biochemistry of cells. Several mobile-phone manufacturers, wireless operators and groups such as the World Health Organization are studying potential health risks of the handsets. A study of 11,000 mobile phone users in Sweden found symptoms such as fatigue and headaches. And a Japanese study earlier this year suggested that widespread wireless use in trains caused large amounts of microwaves emitted by cell phones to be trapped inside the carriage. The research found that such radiation levels can exceed international safety limits and pose a potential health risk. With the Finnish study changes to the stress protein hsp27 may affect the crucial blood-brain barrier- a shield that protects the brain from foreign or harmful substances. Radiation could cause the cell lining to retract forming gaps in the blood-brain barrier. Over time this may become a health hazard as foreign molecules invade the brain.That in turn could speed the onset of anything from headaches and sleep disorders to Alzheimers disease said Dr.Leszczynski. British wireless company Vodaphone Group PLC disclosed in its annual report that is named as a defendant in four lawsuits in the U.S. alleging personal injury including brain cancer from mobile phone use.