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Health problems from Cell phones
Microwave News
By: Gunni Nordstrom

Gunni Nordstrom is an investigative journalist in Sweden, the world-wide centre of the mobile phone industry, where much of the research on Environmental Illness has been carried out. She has published several books on health problems related to computer screens, Sjuk av bildskarm Tiden 1989, 9155034845, Faltslaget Tiden 1995, 9155040837, Morklaggning Hjalmarson & Hogstedt 2000, 9189080416.

Sample Press Coverage on the increasing awareness of the dangers of electromagnetic fields:
 25 April 03 - The Daily Telegraph: ?residents of a hamlet near a mobile phone mast have recorded high levels of illness, including seven cases of cancer, raising fresh concerns over the safety of the transmitters.

  13 September 03 - New Scientist The report recommended (by William Stewart) a ?precautionary appraoch? towards the use of mobile phones, especially among children.

  25 June 03 - Daily Mail - Dr Dariusz Leszczynski and his colleagues from the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority reported that low-level phone radiation can cause ?stress? reactions in cells isolated from human blood vessesls...

  19 June 02 - Evening Standard - Radiation from mobile phones causes changes to human cells which could pose risks to health, an authoritative two-year study has concluded.

  03 New York Times - ?To date, hundreds of former IBM workers have contracted cancers they claim are linked to the chemicals they used while working at the company, including blood and brain tumors, leukemia and many cases of breast cancer.? - This is a small selection of recent news items on the subject.