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Governements plan more cell phone safety research
Microwave News

The French government is stepping up its efforts to limit the use of cell phones by children. It's not just talk. Ministers of State are now involved. Legislation and regulation are in play. Public interest in France has never been greater. An example: Sciences et Avenir, a major French science magazine, devoted a special "dossier" on EMFs: What You Really Need To Know in the May issue. It runs 21 pages, in color.

A Congressional briefing on cell phones and health risks is scheduled to be held in Washington in mid-September. Senator Arlen Specter, a brain tumor survivor, is slated to participate. This would be the first time a U.S. senator has publicly expressed interest in RF radiation since the 1977 hearings on Radiation Health and Safety. "It's the right time and we're going to make it happen," one of the organizers told Microwave News. Meanwhile, two large-circulation national magazines, GQ and Harper's, have commissioned feature articles on EMFs.