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Branson Warns On Mobile Phones After Banker Dies
Sunday Mirror
By: Cherry Norton

To many, the life of Michael von Clemm, a brilliant banker who travelled the world, was enviable. But now his friends are wondering whether his untimely death was caused by the curses of modern executives, long-haul flights and mobile phones. Von Clemm, who will be honoured by the unveiling of a bust by Eddie George, governor of the Bank of England, in Caruary Wharf, east London, next month, was an early and constant user of mobile phones. He flew on Concorde once a week and had persuaded his dentist to make him a full-length lead blanket to shield him from high-altitude radiation on these trips. Last week Richard Branson, one of his friends, warned his staff of the dangers of radiation from mobile phones. He believes they may have contributed to von Clemm's death from a brain tumour. "He was one of the first to have a mobile phone and used it all the time. The particular type of tumour he had and its position was consistent with where the phone would be," said Branson, founder of the Virgin business group. "I went to dinner with him just before he died and he said his surgeons were convinced that his extensive use of a mobile phone had caused his tumour."